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Long Distance Moving

We help you move anywhere in California. No matter where you move, Movers R Here will be right there when you need us.

Moving your life to a far away place (and even not-so-far-away), can be a hassle and a drag. Some of us know and understand what it's like to leave our familiar surroundings and into an unfamiliar territory. It can be scary. Movers R Here will make sure that your move will go off without a hitch.

We promise to be there for you and your family. So the only thing you have to worry about is entertaining your kids in the car ride to your new home.

Complete transport solutions

Over 100 miles.

Charged by weight or flat rate

We provide long distance moving throughout California and the West Coast.


You can trust our long distance moving team to handle your move with care and attention to detail.

For more information about long distance moves call Movers R Here at (408) 768-1314 today. We would be happy to provide more details about the long distance moving process, how we can ship your possessions to your new location, and provide a free estimate on your upcoming move.

  • Cargo service

    Safely move your big items: pianos, pool tables & safes

  • Dedicate Help center

    Happy to help with any solution you require!

  • Fast moving service

    Help you organize, de-clutter or haul away unwanted stuff

  • Packing service

    Free delivery of boxes, packing supplies or E-Crates

  • Transport

    Professionally load or unload your rental truck or POD

  • Container Ship

    Carefully move your precious antiques and valuable items

  • Delicate Packaging service

    Provide you with full packing & unpacking service

  • Heavy furniture

    Move or rearrange furniture inside your residence or office

  • Secure checklist

    Provide free no obligation moving estimate

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